About the artist

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In our current fast, 'makeable', digitalising and globalizing society we tend to drift further away from our natural bond with our human impulses. The basic feelings like tension, fear, warmth and tenderness are irreversible changed by all these influences. Yet we will never be able to erase the roots and/or experiences from our childhood which are of influence on our future relationships, emotional life or even our health.

Monica believes in the force of this basic emotional state and claims all Art derives from the mother and child bond including intimacy. Her art is offering you to re-experience this basic emotional, powerful and almost unbreakable bond between a parent and its child. And everyone is a child of its own mother. It will remind you that this important relationship defines your future. Monica's Art helps you to remember the fact that this unique (both negative and positive) bond defines your future bond with other people.

She focuses on pure, often tactile and 'feminine' materials stressing on the vulnerability and intimate character of the work and most of the times she aims to evoke an experience of the senses. The colour white plays an important role in her works to be able to give the viewer its own' 'colour'.

With the works for the China exhibition the universal theme of childhood memories, parenthood and relationships can be found as between East and West. Because Nobody can totally reveal the mysteries of parenthood: the beautiful and overwhelming feelings, the ugly dilemma's, the chaotic time-management and the silence of astonishment. 

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