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In our current fast, 'makeable', digitalising and globalizing society we tend to drift further away from our natural bond with our human impulses. The basic feelings like tension, fear, warmth and tenderness are irreversible changed by all these influences. Yet we will never be able to erase the roots and/or experiences from our childhood which are of influence on our future relationships, emotional life or even our health.

Monica believes in the force of this basic emotional state and claims all Art derives from the mother and child bond including intimacy. Her art is offering you to re-experience this basic emotional, powerful and almost unbreakable bond between a parent and its child. And everyone is a child of its own mother. It will remind you that this important relationship defines your future. Monica's Art helps you to remember the fact that this unique (both negative and positive) bond defines your future bond with other people.

She focuses on pure, often tactile and 'feminine' materials stressing on the vulnerability and intimate character of the work and most of the times she aims to evoke an experience of the senses. The colour white plays an important role in her works to be able to give the viewer its own' 'colour'.

With the works for the China exhibition the universal theme of childhood memories, parenthood and relationships can be found as between East and West. Because Nobody can totally reveal the mysteries of parenthood: the beautiful and overwhelming feelings, the ugly dilemma's, the chaotic time-management and the silence of astonishment. 


Born and raised above an antique shop-house from 1796 in the city centre of The Hague (the Netherlands) has given this artist the start of a colorful life. After finishing her first BA, and extra degree in Business Administration she worked over 10 years in the challenging Facility Management field.

Next she lived for nearly 10 years in Singapore and has taken this change of environment as an opportunity to indulge herself in the arts for personal enrichment and career change. Through her life in Asia, her successful finish of the Art academy with her Masters degree and her work as teacher and participation in exhibitions as an artist, she has enjoyed the cultural interchange with students, a wide range of great artists and wonderful Singaporean.

It has been a challenge for Monica to find the balance between the academy, her Art and family. Especially after the experience that made the most impact on her: becoming a mother (during her studies) and the 24/7 job that comes with motherhood. It might not come to you as a surprise that her art is about relationships and bonding, specifically the one between a mother and her child. The one and only very basic yet essential bond, full dilemma's and astonishment she states.

Since art making / sculpting is a time consuming activity, Monica enjoys the process itself. It gives her time to reflect on things might happen with her children in the future and remember things from the past. In other words: the arrow of time allows her to experience the memories and expectations, her own motherhood secrets in a labyrinth of time and form, while creating Art.

Master & BA Degree, LaSalle SIA College of the Art Singapore (validated by Open University London)
Post BA Degree Business Administration Management, Business School Utrecht, the Netherlands
BA Degree Facility Management, Haagse Hogeschool, the Hague, the Netherlands

Selection of Exhibitions:

2018 Expositie Gallery Shunde District, China
2018 'Dutchdays' Cultural exchange & Exhibition, Gangzhou, China
2017 Deelname aan Biennale of Beijing 'Silk Road', China
2017 participation in selection for Biennale Beijing, China
2014 'Fragile' ARTrium, Ministry of Royal Relations, The Hageu, the Netherlands
2012 Redress Exhibition and auction, ION gallery, Singapore
        by Sotheby’s for charity against human trafficking
2012 ‘On(c)e more 5 Characters’, Veridien ArtHouse, Singapore
2012 CHAIRITY, Charity Fundraising Event, Cancer Society Singapore,
        RedDot Building, Singapore
2012 DAiS ‘Changing Rooms’, Group exhibition, Galeri Utama, Singapore
2011 Touched, Group Exhibition, NUS Gallery, Singapore
2011 Going Dutch, DAiS introduction/launch and show, Singapore
2009 ‘Small yet Happy’. Group Exhibition, SESG Gallery, Singapore
2008 Graduation show at Campus LaSalle College of the Art, Singapore
2008 Group Exhibition, projects-pace at LaSalle College of the Art, Singapore
2007 Competition 3rd CDL project East Coast, participation, Singapore
2007 Group Exhibition Ink painting ‘5 Characters’ at La Salle, Singapore
2006 ‘Antipode’, group show, Front Row gallery, Singapore
2006 Participation in exhibition ‘Miniatures’ at LaSalle-Sia gallery, Singapore
2006 the 'Very Hairy Jelly Belly Show', Graduation Show at La Salle SIA College
       of the Arts, Singapore
2006 Studio Miu, Group Exhibition at Orchard Point/Takashimaya
2005 ‘Roses and Unicorns’, group exhibition at Nafa gallery, Singapore
2004 'You two' group exhibition of 2nd/3rd year students at NAFA gallery, Singapore

Publications/Workshops/Competitions etc:
2008 – now Visual Artist (Sculpture, Installations, Photography, Contemp. Chinese Inkpainting)
2014 - 2016 Chairman of Foundation 'Het AC gaat door', The Netherlands
2016 Art Workshops for Secondary students Zandvliet, Den Haag, the Netherlands
2016 Workshop Graffiti for children, Zandvliet College the Hague
2015 Mural painting with students, Aloysius College the Hague, the Netherlands
2014 Mural painting charity project Orphanage Cambodia
2014 Nomination for 'The Hague celebrity of the year' competition
2013 Art Workshops for Primary students Wolters, Den Haag, the Netherlands
2012 Design for Artwork and animation for 20th anniversary of EMAS, Singapore.
2011 Book Elephant Parade Singapore, EURAISY page 178
2008 Dutch Club Magazine, How about the spouses? September page 16-17
2008 - 2012 Workshops for children (4-10yrs) at LaSalle SIA College of the Arts, Singapore
2008 - 2012 Relief teaching at ISS Art/Music/Classroom (International School of Singapore)
2012 Workshop '3d-Creativity', Verdian Arthouse, Singapore
2012 Course incl. workshop  'Tickle of Imagination', Republic Polytechnic Woodlands, SG
2011 Lecture 'West goes East'  Residence of the Dutch Embassy on behalf of NCA, Singapore
2010 Co-Founder of DAiS, Platform of Dutch Artists in Singapore
2007 Competition 3rd CDL project East Coast, participation, Singapore
2007 Relief teaching (Art) at Dutch School, Singapore
2007 Design and selection Christmas Cards for NCA (10.000 piece)
2007 Competition 3rd CDL project East Coast, participation, Singapore
2006 Course incl, workshop 'Creativity' Republic Polytechnic Woodlands, in cooperation with
LaSalle SIA College of the Arts, Singapore2005
2005 Participation SengKang competition sculpture 'Strike the pose' (3play-sculptures), shortlisted as first out of 200 participants.
2005 Participation CDL competition Singapore. Shortlisted as 20 out of  240 participants
2006 Workshop and lecture on ‘What is Sculpture’, by the Park, Singapore
2006 Lecture on ‘Child Art and Creativity’, Singapore
2005 Competition Seng Kang HDB project, Singapore, winning: ‘Strike the pose’
2005 Competition 2nd CDL project ‘Marine Bay’, shortlisted, Singapore
2003 Selection and purchase of Art for business project with Arthur Andersen, NL
1997 Project Governmental Art, Ministry of Financial Affairs, the Netherlands
2016-2017 Charitywork status-holders ‘de Pomp’ the Hague, the Netherlands
2014-2016 Chairman organization of volunteers (80 people) 'het AC gaat door', The Hague,  
2012-2016 Serveral volunteer tasks @ hockey club HDM, The Hague, the Netherlands
2010-2013 Founder and Member of the Board DAiS (Dutch Artists in Singapore), Singapore
2003-2012 Member NCA (Netherlands Charity Association), Singapore
1993-2003 Career in Facilities Management last function Deputy Director @ Deloitte & Touche (former Andersen)
1995-2003 Member network Facility Management Nederland (FMN), the Netherlands
1981-1988 Member theatre club, students council and activity committee Aloysius College, The Hague