Nurture by Nature

Nurture by nature

Installation, Monica J.M. Winnubst, 2012
Material: 888 Felt hands, Cotton threat.
Dimensions: circa 150 x 220 x 2cm

Only after entering into the space of someone,
it is possible to come to true intimacy,
which is translated in this work.
The rhythmical, fragile and powerful
interaction yet unbreakable bond between
a parent and it's child is symbolized by the hands.
They are signs of protection and rejection, encouragement and most of all: nurturing.
Get inside and register the touch of the hands which creates
the intimacy and bonding happening in a flow of give and take.
The artist aims to leave you an opportunity to re-experience
these moments of bonding, which have
equipped (or handicapped) you for life.

Nurture by nature detail 01
Nurture by nature detail 02