Portrait sculptures

Clay portrait job detail head

Working with close-up pictures and preferably a few live sessions, these clay portraits can be custom made. Using a clay portrait as a base, a cast will be made. The finalization of the sculpture depends on the chosen material. For example ciment fondu in any color, plaster, resin or bronze. Below are a few examples of portrait sculptures in ceramics and cement fondue with bronze paint finish. Click on one of the images below for an enlargement.

Process of portrait sculptures
The first step of making a clayprotrait is a detailed photoshoot.The second step of the process is the modelling usually in clay. The form of the sculpture is developed by ading material. A few life sessions are recommended to make the details as accurate as possible by manipulating the forms.
When the clayportrait is finished it is possible to cast it in a more permanent material. However, before making a cast a mould must be made of the original sculpture. The third step in the prosess is therefore the mouldmaking. Making a mould ( in plaster or rubber etc.) is a time-consuming and messy operation but it is a vital one as the quality of the mould determines the quality of the endresult. The last step in the process of this method is the casting in a variety of permanent and durabel materials. (resin, plaster, cold cast bronze, bronze, ciment fondu etc.) Making a cast can not be hurried and is labour intensive.
Click on one of the images below for an enlargement.

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