Cloak of Charity

cloak of chairity 750x1000

Sculpture, Monica J.M. Winnubst 2012
Chair, Organza, Steel-wool, Wire
Commissioned work for ‘Chairity’ Project
Cancer Society Singapore

Silent auction by Sotheby

In a family, Parents are the most essential persons to the children, more often than not taken for granted and left unnoticed, especially when getting older. We seem to give them the recognition only when they are getting sick. This 'grand' and 'queen-like' coat honours those who passed, leaving a memory of royals. It focuses women in general and mothers specifically, who suffer from cancer. It expresses their pain and suffering by using fragile materials on the outside and 'painful' material on the inside. The cloak stresses not only on the physical pain of their changing body but also on their mental wellbeing and worries about the future because of the their central role within the family.



Cloack detail
Cloack invitation